There are so many pieces and parts to a Miniature Horse Harness.  At first glance you probably feel like you are dealing with a complicated leather puzzle.  Before you put the harness on your Mini or Pony, you should lay out the harness parts and become familiar with all the pieces.

How to Harness a Miniature Horse takes just a few basic steps.

  1. Tie your horse safely and securely.
  2. Place the saddle on the back and buckle the cinch.
  3. Buckle the crupper under the tail.
  4. Place the breast collar on and buckle the strap over the shoulder
  5. Bridle your Horse
  6. Buckle the throatlatch
  7. Lastly - Connect the overcheck rein to the saddle.

Watch the Video below and see how easy it is!


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